Reliability to the countries of the world

Vehicle / Construction Machinery Department

Developing business in emerging countries with localized strategies

Cars can be seen as an iconic Japanese product. The automotive industry is a comprehensive industry with a wide range of supportive industries. It is a key industry in the Japanese economy, accounting for a quarter of Japan’s total exports. The Vehicle/Construction machinery Department plays its part by doing business with a focus on countries in the Middle East and Africa but also in countries of Latin America and smaller countries in Asia.
We apply competitive localized strategies by being thoroughly familiar with the target country, such as its local laws, regulations and customs, equipment demand and competition, and market growth, and by building strong connections and relationships.

Actively bidding for public projects

We play a part in the further development of car life in many countries by positioning ourselves between automobile manufacturers and local investors to maximize our role as a trading company, our know-how and our information gathering ability to increase sales. We assist in a wide variety of operations, including finding distributors, finding capital and technology partners, and supporting marketing activities. Furthermore, we make use of our strength, our own local information network, to actively bid for public projects and have achieved success.

A wide range of business?from supplying parts to exporting construction machinery

We also export motorcycles, tires and other accessories, forklifts, transport and construction machinery, engines for boats and ships, and other articles, mainly to the Middle East and African countries, and to various Latin American countries. We are developing our operations with the goal from a long-term perspective of growing automobiles as well as transportation and construction machinery as a core business.


Thorough investigation by locally posted staff. A business structure made possible by a thorough knowledge of the locality.

Thoroughly familiar with the market of the target country (local laws and regulations and business practices, equipment demand and competition, market growth, etc.)
Connections with government agencies, dominant distributors, and sales networks
Use of active and effective human resources, such as by hiring specialists from the automotive industry
Proposals and support of marketing initiatives

History in the vehicle business

Over years

Japanese staff

Over members

Experience in vehicle-related product sales

Over countries

Business accomplishments. Playing our part in increasing brand value of Japanese cars worldwide and improving the living environment in various locales

Increased brand value of Japanese cars in emerging countries

Automobile Emerging countries Increasing brand value

We are in the business of exporting and selling finished cars of Japanese manufacturers and related parts to areas such as Africa and regions of Southeast Asia. We cooperate with local distributors under the leadership of our locally posted staff to work on marketing initiatives, risk management, and adaptation to local business customs. To date, the sales trend is moving favorably. We will continue to aim to create brand value which will be trusted and loved by local customers and to increase sales.

Acceleration of motorization due to the stable supply of parts and tires

Automotive parts stable supply Motorization

In addition to exporting finished vehicles, we export automotive parts and tires by Japanese manufacturers to various regions of the world. Since there are still many bad roads in emerging countries, the business of a stable supply of these products is essential to life there. Furthermore, full-scale motorization is approaching in the future of emerging countries we specialize in. Sales of automobiles sold in emerging countries as a proportion of global sales was around 24% in 2000, but is expected to grow to 65% in 2024, meaning that emerging countries will continue to lead in market growth. We will continue to expand business in cars themselves as well as in parts other related businesses, with the hope that these activities will assist in the motorization of emerging countries.

Advanced Japanese construction machinery to the world

Construction machinery Emerging countries Urban development

Our construction equipment business exports and sells construction machinery, forklifts, and related parts by Japanese construction machinery manufacturers to Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Central America. The demand for construction equipment is expected to grow further especially in emerging countries, due to investment in infrastructure and a surge in construction demand accompanying economic development. We will play our part in the development of infrastructure, living, and industry in countries around the world by supplying high-quality construction machinery made in Japan using our experience cultivated over many years of doing business in emerging countries.

Plays an active part in the world.

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