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As a comprehensive supplier of the photo culture

Since our founding, our company has been offering the entertainment and culture of photographs to regions of the Middle East and Africa. People in these areas continue to love photographs, with nothing giving more pleasure than taking photos, leaving photos (memories), and telling stories along with the photos. Through this photo culture, our company was early to bring Japanese state-of-the-art technology, products and services to market and continue to contribute to creating of the photo culture and business opportunities in those regions.

Providing products and services for the times

As times changed, so did the value people see in photographs. When silver halide film was dominant, the film itself was expensive, and people looked into the lens seriously, concentrating their senses on the act of pressing the shutter button. However, the preciousness of one photograph and the feeling invested into one photograph has changed along with the change in times in our current era of digital cameras, when failed photos can be retaken without extra cost.

Creating a culture through the region’s photo business

Photographs in themselves are universal, in that they ‘mirror the culture and the times of the people.’ Photography technology has transitioned from analog to digital. We are continuing to be involved in the photography business as a comprehensive supplier of photo culture who can meet all these photography needs.

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