Medical Department

We support Japanese medical device manufacturers in their entry into emerging countries (pioneering new markets)

Simply exporting Japanese medical equipment to emerging countries is not enough to establish a solid business. To enter emerging countries and succeed in business requires a deep understanding of and strong connections in the markets of the emerging country.
We, at Taichi Holdings, were early to note the potential of business expansion in emerging countries and to enter them. We have focused on accumulating knowledge of the local markets and forming strong connections. The number of medical device manufacturers expanding their business with Taichi Holdings, a specialist in emerging countries, is increasing year to year.

Thorough investigation by locally posted staff. Providing services made possible by a thorough knowledge of the locality.

Thoroughly familiar with the market of the target country (local laws and regulations and business practices, equipment demand and competition, market growth, etc.)
Connections with government agencies, dominant distributors, medical institutions, and doctors as a result of over 40 years of close work with the community
Formulation of marketing initiatives tailored to local conditions
Locally posted staff working exclusively in the medical business
Additional medical services, sales and quality assurance (maintenance) of related products, education for local medical personnel

History in the medical business

Over years

Overseas japanese staff

Over members

Experience in medical product sales

Over countries

Courteous support at each step from sales to maintenance

Taichi Holdings does not serve as merely a dealer in accomplishing overseas sales of medical equipment. We also support the creation of an environment where local medical facilities are able to provide advanced medical services.

Product selection

We select the products most appropriate for each region based on the information provided by locally posted staff who are thoroughly familiar with the local environment, religion, and other factors.

Flexible financing

We fully support the financial operations between the manufacturer and the customer or distributor. The mediation allows for smooth trading.

Registration and permit application support

We provide translation of registration forms and flexible negotiation related to registration with local bodies concerned (registration terms, document format, number of days allowed) in accord with local customs.

Sales route development

We establish the best sales network in consideration of the local circumstances, whether it'll be a new distributor network, direct sales by the manufacturer, or something else.

Supply system establishment

We establish supply systems required for operation of the product. We offer flexible solutions to various transportation networks and import systems depending on the region.

Equipment installation

Our expert technicians can smoothly handle installations in areas where the manufacturer cannot do so directly or in cases where the installation cost would be high.

Functions and operation instructions

Our salespeople and technicians with highly specialized knowledge can provide operating instructions and other information essential for providing advanced medical services.

Maintenance support

We provide support in establishing a maintenance system. After-sale maintenance is a vital criterion also in expanding the sales network.

Plays an active part in the world.

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