Environment and Infrastructure Department

Building reliable infrastructure using Japan's advanced technology

We at the Infrastructure and Environment Division serve as a bridge to Japanese manufacturers by providing advanced, environmentally-friendly Japanese technology such as for power supply, water supply, and sewage processing and playing a part in establishing infrastructure in developing countries. We are focusing on the Middle East and African countries, where our locally posted staff have built up local networks over many years.

Libya, in North Africa, is a country that most in Japan are not familiar with, perhaps due to its peculiar political structure. Libya is making great effort to build infrastructure in the country. We are supplying reliable turbine generators by Japanese manufacturers for combined power plants, which generate electricity efficiently and reduce CO2. Japan-made turbines account for the majority of steam turbines in thermal power plants operating or under construction in Libya in recent years. The feedback from customers is very good.

We are also playing a part building a power distribution grid to throughout the large country, having taken a part in the project to build a power distribution grid of supertension cable in Benghazi city and having supplied articles such as special conductors which would double the capacity of even older existing power lines. Not limiting ourselves to electric power companies, we also proactively propose and supply Japanese technology to facilities in various countries which consume large amounts of power, such as steel companies, aluminum factories, and cement factories.

Simple, low-cost supply of power to areas off the grid

In the field of new energies, our company has been proposing and providing a small-scale power generation market to developing countries with ‘simple, low-cost supply of power to areas off the grid’ as our motto. In addition, we comprehensively deploy renewable energy making use of Japanese technology, such as solar, wind, and small-scale hydroelectric power generation.

Implementing sewage treatment facilities suitable for the locality

A sewage treatment facility using a membrane called MBR makes possible the reuse of processed water, and is designed for environments with small amounts of rain, such as those of the countries of the Middle East. We are doing business with a focus on the efficient use of precious water sources in this and other ways.

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