Air Conditioning Department

Our core business, backed by more than 40 years of history and experience

The business of home air conditioning equipment has been at our core since our founding in 1973. The Middle East is a region of dust and scorching heat. We entered the market with high-quality products made in Japan which can withstand such a severe climate and environment ahead of the competition and have been expanding sales.

While moving forward with our home air conditioning business, deploying commercial air conditioning equipment was a necessary step in expanding to the comprehensive air conditioning business. Presently, we work with air conditioning equipment for large housing, commercial facilities, factories, and the like, as well as on projects involving large freezing units and cooling towers for district air conditioning.

Our company currently provides room air conditioners, multi-unit air conditioning systems for buildings, packaged air conditioners, chiller units, large freezing units, fan coil units, cooling towers, and similar equipment to over 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Expanding our business based on the know-how and network cultivated in the air conditioning business

In operating our long history of business in air conditioning, we have built a network of construction-related industries worldwide. At the same time, we have focused on accumulating knowledge of construction industry business customs, laws, and regulations of each country.

Expanding to the comprehensive construction equipment business

Our company currently provides a wide range of products related to the construction industry, such as fan-related equipment, kitchen equipment, construction-related coating materials, small and medium solar power generation units, intercom equipment, generators, and construction materials. We will play our part in the development of housing and industry in countries around the world by supplying reliable construction-related products from Japan and elsewhere.

We will support your entry into new and attractive markets (pioneering new markets) which only continue to grow.

The regions of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia where we have long been doing business is an attractive market, expected to continue growing thanks to factors such as the increasing population, existence of natural resources, and the development of technology.

However, the regulations and the business practices in such regions are completely different from those in Japan and other developed countries, making entry into these markets difficult and risky.

Thorough investigation by locally posted staff. A business structure made possible by a thorough knowledge of the locality.

Thoroughly familiar with the market of the target country (local laws and regulations and business practices, equipment demand and competition, market growth, etc.)
Connections with government agencies, dominant distributors, and sales networks
Solutions to risks unique to emerging countries, such as with collection
Maneuverable and flexible (a business style distinct from other general trading companies)

Air conditioning business

Over 40 years

Japanese staff

Over 20 members

Construction-related product sales

Over 10 countries

Playing a part in the prosperous life of people and the development of industry around the world

Exporting air conditioning equipment to emerging countries

Air Conditioning Emerging countries Comfortable living environment

We are in the business of exporting and selling air conditioning equipment and related parts to areas such as the Middle East, Africa and regions of Southeast Asia. In particular, in the Middle East and North Africa, regions of our expertise, daytime temperatures can reach over 50°C. The environment of tropical rainforests such as those in Southeast Asia are harsh as well, very high in temperature and humidity. As a result, air conditioning equipment is essential for life in these areas. Our company plays a part in improving the living environment for the people in such areas by providing high-quality air conditioning equipment and parts in a stable manner.

Plays an active part in the world.

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